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Компании "Невада" 16 лет
Компании «Невада» 16 лет. Поздравление компании «Невада» г. Хабаровск с 16-летием

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Акция для детей
Акция для детей из неблагополучных семей «Помоги собраться в школу».

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Выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010»
20 августа 2010 года в г.Хабаровске прошла ежегодная выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010». Изначально, проведение выставки планировалось на территории парка Динамо, но испортившаяся погода, буквально за ночь до начала выставки, не дала в полном масштабе осуществить задуманное мероприятие. Тем не менее, участникам выставки были предоставлены помещения в Домах Культуры, а также в Доме Профсоюзов г.Хабаровска.


Научно-практическая деятельность In English

Reasons for using GD-3S airborne vehicle with a view to wood harvesting

The most common pattern of air logging is helicopter, particularly in the Western countries. However, the main limitation is an exorbitant cost of helicopter using. Lighter then air (LTA) airborne vehicles have a lower cost of manufacture and may become an attractive alternative. 

To be used for logging in partial cutting on mountain slopes and in the first grade forests a flying vehicle should posses the following features:

  1. An airborne vehicle must have good controllability and be able to make a controlled level flight.
  2. An airborne vehicle must be quickly ballasted during load lifting and after unloading.
  3. The ballasting should be done without using water or other material.
  4. An airborne vehicle must possess a cruising speed no less then 60 km/hour and at the same time a minimal head resistance.
  5. An aircraft must be steady in a 12 m/sec wind; and it is desired that it could be maintained without a hangar.
  6. An aircraft must be of a low total cost as well as of a low operating cost.
  7. An aircraft must not be an object of a high fire risk.

The most common types of LTA are aerostats (balloons) and airships. However, inasmuch as cable balloons (aerostats) are uncontrollable, acceptable options should be searched among airships. The most important point here is ballasting, since usage of water, sand, and other materials in the capacity of a ballast while operating in the forest is rather difficult, especially in winter. Therefore more convenient units for logging operations are airships which use hot air. As a rule, such airships have a soft structure of a ballonet and consequently a considerable drag.

Units with firm or semi-rigid structure filled with light gases