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Компании "Невада" 16 лет
Компании «Невада» 16 лет. Поздравление компании «Невада» г. Хабаровск с 16-летием

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Акция для детей
Акция для детей из неблагополучных семей «Помоги собраться в школу».

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Выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010»
20 августа 2010 года в г.Хабаровске прошла ежегодная выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010». Изначально, проведение выставки планировалось на территории парка Динамо, но испортившаяся погода, буквально за ночь до начала выставки, не дала в полном масштабе осуществить задуманное мероприятие. Тем не менее, участникам выставки были предоставлены помещения в Домах Культуры, а также в Доме Профсоюзов г.Хабаровска.


Научно-практическая деятельность In English

Domestic and Foreign Studies on Aerostat (Balloon) Logging

Wood Harvesting With The Help Of Aerostats

In 1966, The Moscow Forestry Engineering Institute (MFEI) carried out an experiment on using captive aerostats for wood harvesting on mountainous terrain. An original aerostat logging system (ATUP) was elaborated by a research officer of the Institute Mr. V. Pikalkin. At the altitude of 150-200 meters a cable aerostat was immersed into a comparatively stable wind flow which magnified its lift capacity up to 30-40% thanks to kite effect. Upon raising wind speed the aerodynamic effect noticeably rises. Optimal height of aerostat lifting does not exceed 500 meters.

Aerostats AZ-55 tested by MFEI were purposed for lifting a steel cable at the altitude of several kilometers. They were made of two-layer rubberized fabric with specific weight about 260-270 gram/m2, and tolerated for using at wind up to 12 m/sec near the ground and 29 m/sec at the working altitude. The aerostat gas bag has a large ballonet which dimensions transcends 55% of the aerostat maximal volume. It makes worse load capacity of the air vessel. The aerostat is lifted and landed with the help of a car winch equipped with a 6.5 mm cable. The cable winding maximal speed is 6.5 meters per second. The ATUP was tested on a wood cutting area of Hadyzhensky timber industry enterprise (Krasnodar territory) which had sharp mountainous relief. Two testing areas at the altitudes of 320 and 450 meters above see level were constructed. Equipment of the ATUP, besides the aerostat, consists of a cable-and-blocks rigging, a central anchor unit, and a winch with a drive mechanism.

Properties of the aerostat AZ-55