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Компании "Невада" 16 лет
Компании «Невада» 16 лет. Поздравление компании «Невада» г. Хабаровск с 16-летием

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Акция для детей
Акция для детей из неблагополучных семей «Помоги собраться в школу».

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Выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010»
20 августа 2010 года в г.Хабаровске прошла ежегодная выставка цветов «Городские цветы 2010». Изначально, проведение выставки планировалось на территории парка Динамо, но испортившаяся погода, буквально за ночь до начала выставки, не дала в полном масштабе осуществить задуманное мероприятие. Тем не менее, участникам выставки были предоставлены помещения в Домах Культуры, а также в Доме Профсоюзов г.Хабаровска.


Научно-практическая деятельность In English

Necessity of using aerostats and balloons for logging

Presently Russia’s timber industry, particularly in its Far Eastern region and Siberia, is faced with a number of problems connected to the following factors:

  • Timber felling site remoteness from populated areas causes supplementary expenditures for building and maintenancing wood-roads and bridges. It also influences hauling unit deterioration and log removal productivity, so the net cost of the wood is high.
  • The main resources of high-grade timber are located in regions difficult to access or in prohibited areas where conventional mechanisms cannot be used for logging.
  • The big problem is that in Summer, Spring, and Autumn periods volumes of forest harvesting operations are reduced because some wood-cutting areas become inaccessible for land transport.
  • Environmental deterioration is another problem. Clean wood dragging and machinery movement on the slope can lead to excessive damage to the top-soil, and cause an additional expenditures for soil control and forest recreation. These expenditures may become very sizable since the mountain environment is particularly sensitive. Besides, about 80% of streams spring from woodland, and being damaged and polluted may become dried up and influence another global ecological problems. For example, according to ecological statistics «…the extermination of a forest based ant hill leads to the damage inflicted by insects to growing trees over 1 hectare area during the next two years. One may surmise how many ant hills are destroyed while ground machines are used for wood harvesting.
  • In the Far Eastern region of Russia, specifically in the Khabarovsk territory, old machines, chiefly caterpillar TT-4, are used. This technology is based on the method of wood skidding that has bad effect on undergrowth and soil conditions. For the past five years the majority of local fellers did not make re-equipment of their wood harvesting machinery. This is primarily due to the following reasons: